BUSINESS: Any and all industries, pursuits, commercial enterprises, occupations, professions and avocations, except those carried on in a temporary manner by a religious, charitable, fraternal, educational or like nonprofit organization solely as projects for fund raising.
CITY: The city of Cut Bank, a municipal corporation of the state of Montana, county of Glacier.
COUNCIL: The city council of the city of Cut Bank.
EMPLOYEE: All owners, proprietors, partners, managers, salesmen or employees engaged in or associated directly with the management and conduct of the business concerned.
NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION: Any association, firm or corporation organized for religious, charitable, educational, civic, scientific or literary purposes which does not contemplate the distribution of pecuniary gains, profits or dividends to its members.
PERSON: Any individual, firm,, association, partnership or corporation.
YEAR: A calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. (Ord. 6.16, 12-20-2004)