(A)   (1)   The Director of Public Works shall cause to be prepared and issued to the owner of every motor truck who has paid the fee herein provided, a registration plate showing that the owner of such motor truck has paid such fee.
      (2)   The owner and driver of such truck shall display such plate at all times upon such truck or trailer.
   (B)   The owner shall pay to the Director of Public Works to defray the cost of registration and necessary inspection, regulation and enforcement of this chapter the following fees:
Declared Gross Weight (pounds)
Amount Per Year
Not exceeding 10,000
10,000 - 20,000
20,000 - 30,000
In excess of 30,000
(1984 Code, § 73.03)  (Ord. O-72-66, passed 12-8-1966; Ord. O-42-74, passed 4-11-1974; Ord. O-18-92, passed 5-19-1992)  Penalty, see § 72.99