(A)   No person shall operate any commercial vehicle exceeding 9,000 pounds on any wheel or 18,000 pounds on an axle or any vehicle whose height including any part of the load or body exceeds 12 feet, or whose width exceeds eight feet, or any motor truck whose length exceeds 30 feet or any semi-trailer truck whose length exceeds 50 feet for any part of the body or load, upon any of the streets or parts of streets of the city. Those vehicles for which a special permit has been issued in accordance with Commissioners’ Ord. O-72-66 shall be excepted from this provision.
   (B)   Nothing contained herein shall be construed to require the public authorities of the city to provide sufficient vertical clearance to permit the operation of vehicles with a height of 12 feet, and all vehicles described in this section shall travel only on those streets and roadways designated as truck routes and set out in Ch. 75, Schd. III, of this code of ordinances.
(1984 Code, § 73.01) (Ord. O-34-67, passed 5-25-1967) Penalty, see § 72.99