Enforcement, Impounding and Penalty
303.01   Traffic direction in emergencies; obedience to school guard.
303.02   Application to drivers of government vehicles.
303.03   Impounding of vehicles; redemption.
303.04   Public and private property.
303.99   General Traffic Code penalties.
303.991   Committing an offense while distracted penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Disposition of unclaimed vehicles - see Ohio R.C. 737.32, 4513.62 et seq.
Citations for minor misdemeanors - see Ohio R.C. 2935.26 et seq.
Power of trial court of record to suspend or revoke license for certain violations - see Ohio R.C. 4507.16, 4507.34
State point system suspension - see Ohio R.C. 4507.40
Uniform application of Ohio Traffic Law - see Ohio R.C. 4511.06
Marking motor vehicles used by traffic officers - see Ohio R.C. 4549.13
Distinctive uniform required for traffic officers - see Ohio R.C. 4549.15