Chapter 12.08
   12.08.010   Purpose.
   12.08.020   Elements of thoroughfare plan.
   12.08.030   Copies to be filed for public inspection.
   12.08.040   Designation of thoroughfares.
   12.08.050   Right-of-way width of streets to conform to policies.
   12.08.060   Location and alignment of streets.
   12.08.070   Consideration by public agencies.
   12.08.080   Issuance of building and improvement location permits.
   12.08.090   Reserved.
   12.08.100   Taxing property for thoroughfare fund.
   12.08.110   Authority for procedure.
   12.08.120   Method of procedure to be used in financing improvements.
   12.08.130   Long-range development program.
   12.08.140   Continuing authority of plan commission.
   12.08.150   Amendments.