TITLE TWO - Planning
         Chap. 1220.   Planning Commission.
         Chap. 1222.   Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan Map.
         Chap. 1224.  Outdoor Refreshment Area Application (DORA).
      TITLE FOUR - Subdivision Regulations - Summary of Procedures
         Chap. 1240.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1242.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1244.   Procedure for Minor Subdivision Approval (Lot Split).
         Chap. 1246.   Procedure for Major Subdivision Approval.
         Chap. 1248.   Design Standards.
         Chap. 1250.   Construction of Improvements.
            Figure 1.   Generalized Jurisdictional Area.
            Figure 2.   Types of Lots.
            Figure 3.   Lot Terms.
            Figure 4.   Example of a Subdivision.
            Figure 5.     Typical Classification of the Thoroughfare System.
            Figure 6.     Example of Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan.
            Figure 7.   Sample Application for Minor Subdivision Approval.
            Figure 8.   Typical Preapplication Sketch.
            Figure 9.   Application for Tentative Approval of Preliminary Plat.
            Figure 10.   Typical Preliminary Subdivision Plat.
            Figure 11.   Preliminary Plat Checklist.
            Figure 12.   Application for Final Plat Approval.
            Figure 13.   Performance Bond.
            Figure 14.   Typical Final Subdivision Plat.
            Figure 15.   Final Plat Checklist.
            Figure 16.   Forms for Final Plat Certifications.
            Figure 17.   Technical Design and Improvement Checklist.
            Figure 18.   Street Design Standards.
            Figure 19.   Intersection Design Standards.
            Figure 20.   Suggested Minimum Paving Standards.
            Figure 21.   Preferred Trees for Tree Lawn Planting.
            Figure 22.   Application for Subdivision Variance.
      TITLE SIX - Zoning
         Chap. 1260.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1262.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1264.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 1266.   Conditional Zoning Certificates.
         Chap. 1268.   A-O-C Agricultural-Open Space-Conservation Districts.
         Chap. 1270.   R-1 Low Density Residential Districts.
         Chap. 1272.   R-2 Medium Density Residential Districts.
         Chap. 1274.   R-3 High Density Residential Districts.
         Chap. 1276.   C-1 Local Commercial Districts.
         Chap. 1278.   C-2 Office and Limited Business Districts.
         Chap. 1280.   C-3 Central Business Districts.
         Chap. 1282.   C-4 Intensive and Automobile-Oriented Commercial Districts.
         Chap. 1284.   C-5 Highway Commercial Districts.
         Chap. 1286.   I-1 Industrial Research and Office Districts.
         Chap. 1288.   I-2 Light Industrial Districts.
         Chap. 1290.   I-3 Manufacturing, Storage and Disposal Districts.
         Chap. 1292.   Off-Street Parking and Loading.
         Chap. 1294.   Signs.
         Chap. 1296.   Nonconforming Uses.
         Chap. 1298.   Wireless Communication Antennas and Towers.
            Appendix A.   Zoning Districts Map.
            Table 1.   Summary of District Regulations.