In addition to any other powers or duties conferred by the City Charter, this Code, other statutes, Utilities Board governance policies, ordinances, rules or regulations, the Utilities Chief Executive Officer shall have the authority to:
   A.   Execute all business contracts entered into by Utilities and all other contracts and agreements.
   B.   Delegate signature authority to staff reporting to the Chief Executive Officer by Utilities Enterprise Policy, and may provide for further delegation of this signatory authority as appropriate.
   C.   Adopt or promulgate Utilities Enterprise Policies and service standards and specifications consistent with the provisions of the Charter or this Code concerning matters that are applicable to all operations and finances of the Utilities including all operational units.
   D.   Delegate authority to staff reporting to the Chief Executive Officer by Utilities Enterprise Policy, to adopt service standards and specifications for each respective division.
   E.   Make and enforce rules and regulations as may be necessary for the regulation, collection, rebating and refunding of user charges for utility services and/or for Stormwater service fees collected by Utilities as provided by section 14.8.109 of this Code.
   F.   Identify and certify an imminent hazard condition exists and abate the hazard in accord with the provisions of this chapter.
   G.   Interrupt or curtail utility services or to provide for the interruption or curtailment of utility services whenever emergency circumstances, including, without limitation, supply limitations or restrictions, treatment restrictions or limitations, transmission or distribution system restrictions or failures, or operational problems, require immediate interruption or curtailment of utility services for operational or safety reasons. The Chief Executive Officer's authority under this section may be delegated by Utilities Enterprise Policy.
   H.   Issue revocable permits for the use of public property primarily used by Colorado Springs Utilities, including watershed areas, for any purpose not inconsistent with this Code, regulations established by the Chief Executive Officer, or other laws and ordinances regulating the use and occupancy of public property.
   I.   Establish regulations governing the issuance or denial of a revocable permit and setting insurance requirements, fees and permit terms and conditions necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare and the safety and welfare of Colorado Springs Utilities operations, equipment and facilities. (Ord. 18-42; Ord. 18-48; Ord. 19-80)