(A)   The preliminary plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn to an accurate scale not to exceed 100 feet to the inch.
   (B)   Sheet size shall be 22 inches by 34 inches.
   (C)   The plat shall include the following:
      (1)   Title/locators. Each sheet shall have a title block with the title "preliminary plat"; the proposed name of the subdivision; its location by section, township and range; small scale vicinity map showing relative location of the plat; scale (both graphic and equivalent inch to feet); north point; reference by dimension and bearing to section corners and quarter-section corners; and subdivision boundaries clearly identified;
      (2)   Contact information. Name, address and phone number of landowner (and subdivider, if not the same); engineer, surveyor preparing the plat, including registration stamp;
      (3)   Dates. Date of preparation, including dates of any subsequent revisions;
      (4)   Topography. Topography with contours relating to North American Vertical Datum (NAVD 1988), or other datum approved in writing by the Town Engineer, to be shown on the same map as the proposed subdivision layout. Location, description and elevation of the bench mark used should also be shown and/or described on the plat with a maximum contour interval of 2 feet unless another contour interval is approved by the Planning and Zoning Director. Source and date of topography shall be noted on the preliminary plat. Topography shall be depicted a minimum of 100 feet beyond project boundary. The plat shall identify all slopes of 20% or greater (a rise of 20 feet over a 100-foot run). A slope analysis diagram will be required for any subdivision with slopes exceeding 10% grade;
      (5)   Drainage related items. Special flood hazard areas including floodways and 100-year floodplain areas, if any, shall be delineated on the preliminary plat. Finished floor elevations for building pads shall be identified within flood hazard areas. Include retention basins required to handle the flow from a 100-year storm without flooding building sites. Show culverts, flood control dikes, bridges and crossings. Arrows should indicate general flow in all water courses;
      (6)   Adjacent improvements. Location, widths (paving and right-of-way), ownership status and names of all existing streets and improvements therein; highways; recorded utility or other easements or rights-of-way, including any existing facilities therein; public areas; all existing structures, fences and utilities with an indication of whether or not they are to remain; and municipal corporation lines within or adjacent to the tract. Access to the proposed subdivision shall be shown and described to its intersection with an existing public street right-of-way;
      (7)   Adjacent properties. Name and Mohave County Recorder's Office book and page numbers of any recorded subdivisions within or having a common boundary with the tract, or the notation "unsubdivided" and the property owner's name and address;
      (8)   Traffic connections. Location, width and names of existing and proposed streets and alleys; location and dimensions of pedestrian/equestrian trails, drainageways, sidewalks, cross-walks and easements including all connections to adjoining platted or unplatted tracts. A typical cross-section shall be depicted on the plat where applicable describing the aforementioned improvements;
      (9)   Lot layout. Identify lot dimensions; dimensions of all corner lots and lots on curvilinear sections of street; number all lots and blocks by consecutive numbers; show acreage of each lot and total acres of the entire subdivision;
      (10)   Public reservations. Designation of all land to be dedicated or reserved for public or semi-public use, as may be required pursuant to A.R.S. § 9-463.01(D) through (F), with reservation by use indicated;
      (11)   Utilities. Reference by note to source of proposed electricity, gas, telephone service, solid waste disposal (including method of collection and recycling options), police and emergency service agencies, and water and sewer services as outlined in § 153.038 and § 153.039; and
      (12)   Land uses/zoning. Existing and proposed land uses for all areas of the entire subdivision shall be clearly designated together with existing zoning classification, present district boundary lines and status of any pending zoning change. Include a re-zone application as applicable. A statement regarding availability of utilities and the direction and distance thereto and preliminary letters of serviceability shall be submitted in conjunction with the application.
(Ord. 2007-2, passed 5-29-2007; Am. Ord. 2014-02, passed 12-15-2014)