(a)   Fireplaces which were designed for gas grills or space heaters shall not be converted to a wood-burning unit unless a chimney expert submits in writing that the hearth is fireproof and the chimney is fire-clay lined and free from leaks and that the combustion chamber is of proper size.
   (b)   Fireplaces shall be maintained so as to be free from missing mortar and missing or broken bricks. The fireplace damper shall be maintained so as to operate properly.
   (c)   Fireplace hearth forms used in the construction of the hearth shall be removed, if visible.
   (d)   Any change in the fireplace of a dwelling unit may require that a permit be obtained from the Building Department pursuant to Section 1311.06 of the Building Code.
(Ord. 102-1983. Passed 12-19-83.)