No person shall erect, place or maintain in, upon or over any street, alley, sidewalk or other public place in the City any fruit stand, shoe shining stand, flower stand, vegetable stand, lunch wagon, table, box, bin or any other arrangement or structure for the display or sale of goods, wares or merchandise or for the pursuit of any occupation whatsoever.  However, the Mayor or designee may grant permission to do so, provided that where such permission has been granted, no food, food ingredients or food products shall be permitted to be placed in any street, sidewalk or other public place, unless at least two (2) feet above the surface thereof.
(Ord. 57-1973.  Passed 11-19-73; Ord. 8-2019.  Passed 2-4-19; Ord. 153-2021.  Passed 12-6-21.)