(A)   The owner shall, upon notification pursuant to § 53.12 of this chapter, install an containment assembly as required by the degree of hazard in 90 days from the date of notification except those owners of properties with a cross-connection, auxiliary intake, interconnection or severe hazard as defined by § 53.08 that poses an imminent health hazard shall install any required containment assembly immediately.
   (B)   If any required containment assembly has not been installed in conformance with standards set by this chapter and the Town of Clayton Cross Connection Handbook, and within the timeframe set forth in the notification issued pursuant to § 53.12 of this chapter, the Town of Clayton Public Works and Utilities Director or his or her designee may discontinue the public water service at that property, and service shall not be restored until any required containment assembly has been installed.
   (C)   The town shall bear no liability for direct or consequential damages proximately caused by the discontinuance of service pursuant to this section.
(Ord. passed 3-20-95; Am. Ord. 2020-01-06, passed 1-21-20)