Upon identification of any hazard or hazard potential, as defined in §§ 53.08 and 53.09 of this code, the Town of Clayton Public Works and Utilities Director shall notify the owner of the property on which the hazard exists, of the following:
   (A)   Location of hazard;
   (B)   Nature of hazard observed;
   (C)   Date hazard observed;
   (D)   Section of code applicable;
   (E)   Requirements of code.
All notices required by this chapter shall be delivered by hand-delivery to the owner or by certified mail to the owner's last known address. When service is made by certified mail, a copy of the notice may also be sent by regular U.S. Mail. Service shall be deemed sufficient if the notice sent by regular U.S. Mail is not returned by the U.S. Post Office seven days after mailing.
(Ord. 2020-01-06, passed 1-21-20)