For the purpose of this article, the terms listed below shall be assigned the following definitions:
   (a)   “Abatement" means measures directed to correct any violations related to codes, standards or unlawful activities.
   (b)   "Certificate of Use and Occupancy" means the certificate issued by the Code Official which permits the use of a building and which certifies compliance with the provisions of law for the use and occupancy of the building in its several parts together with any special stipulations or conditions.
   (c)   "Code Official" means the Code Official appointed pursuant to Section 1712.02(a) or his/her designee.
   (d)   "Dwelling unit" means a single unit providing complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.
   (e)   "Illicit Activities" means illegal possession, storage, delivery or trafficking in controlled substances or illegal paraphernalia or illegal drugs, illegal gambling, dog fighting or prostitution, any activity deemed a public nuisance.
   (f)   "Notice of Violation" means notice issued to the owner of record or persons having control of any property in violation of any city code, ordinance or law.
   (g)   "Owner occupied" means occupied by the actual property owner or by any person or persons related thereto by blood, marriage or adoption and where no remuneration is received.
   (h)   “Property Owner" means the owner of record of any tract or parcel of real estate within the City of Clarksburg, as reflected by the records maintained in the office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Harrison County, West Virginia, but may also include the grantee or transferee of any interest in any real estate situated within the City by an owner-financed sale evidenced by written agreement, such as a "land contract," provided that the parties to any such transaction are required to notify the Director of Finance as to the continuation of rental property, licensing and registration of said property.
   (i)   "Rental dwelling unit" means any dwelling unit which is offered in whole or part for residential purposes and for which remuneration is received, whether in a single structure or as a part of a multi-unit structure.
      (Ord. 17-16.  Passed 10-19-17.)