(a)    Advertising; Signs.  No person shall distribute or place any sign, advertisement, circular, notice or statement, or distribute or place any banner, emblem or design or political advertisement within the park without the written consent of the Manager.
   (b)    Sales.  No person shall sell or offer for sale any article, thing, privilege or service within the park without the written consent of the Manager, and without all applicable permits or licenses.
   (c)    Disturbing the Peace.  No person shall disturb the peace and good order within the park by fighting, by quarreling or wrangling with loud voice or shouts, by threatening violence to the person or property of others, or by engaging in riotous clamor or tumult.
   (d)    Unlawful Assemblage.  No person or persons shall within the park collect a group or a crowd for unlawful purposes, or in riotous assemblage or with the intent to annoy, harass or inflict property damage or bodily injury upon another person or persons.
   (e)    Abusive Language.  No person shall use obscene, profane or abusive language within the park.
   (f)   Assault and Battery.  No person shall willfully assault or commit bodily injury upon another while within the park, or within the park be engaged in, or abet or aid in, any fight, quarrel or other disturbance.
   (g)    Gambling.  No person shall gamble or play games of chance within the park, unless such games conform to all State and local laws, and operators thereof hold a permit issued by the Manager.
   (h)    Intoxicating Beverages; Beer; Wine.  No person shall within the park sell, offer for sale, possess or consume any intoxicating liquor, beer or wine unless the written consent of the Manager therefor is first had and obtained as provided in Section 961.05(d) and unless there is full compliance with all applicable State law; and under no circumstances whatever shall any person be under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or wine within the park.
   (i)    Glue Sniffing.  No person shall within the park sniff any type of glue or other commercial material or product which contains toluol or ethers.
   (j)    Use of Narcotics, Opiates and Hallucinogens.  No person shall smoke, drink, have injected into one's self, or otherwise use, any type of narcotic drugs, dangerous drug, opiate, hallucinogen or marihuana within the park.
   (k)    Entering Toilet Facilities.  No person, except park maintenance employees or police in the performance of their official duties, shall enter a toilet within the park set aside for members of the opposite sex.
   (l)    Indecent Conduct and Exposure.  No person shall appear within the park in a state of nudity, or therein commit, perform or engage in any lewd, lascivious, obscene or indecent act or behavior and no person shall within the park make any indecent exposure of his or her person.
   (m)    Solicitation.  No person shall within the park solicit or ask anyone to commit, perform or engage in, any unlawful, lewd, lascivious, obscene or indecent act or behavior.
   (n)    Boats and Water Equipment.  No person shall, without the written consent of the Manager, bring and use within the park any boat, surfboat, surfboard, water skis, scuba diving gear and similar aquatic equipment, except in designated areas.
   (o)    Compliance with Police, Failure to Obey.  No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any reasonable order relating to these rules and regulations or to the control of traffic or motor vehicles within the park, or with any other order lawfully given by any police officer, or willfully resist, obstruct or abuse any officer or any other Board official or employee in the execution of his office.
   (p)    Loitering and Vagrancy.  No person shall loiter in or near any building, toilet or structure, or loiter in or near a motor vehicle or vehicles within the park.
(Ord. 82-9.  Passed 6-19-82.)