(a)    Fires.
      (1)    No person shall start a fire within the park except small fires for culinary purposes in park grills or privately owned grills or fires in the place or areas designed for such purposes by the Board. Provided that the Manager may at his discretion prohibit fires for limited periods at any location or for any purpose when necessary for the protection of park property.
      (2)    All fires within the park shall be put out by the person or persons starting or using the same before leaving the immediate vicinity of the fire.
      (3)    No person shall within the park dump hot ashes or fire onto the grass or plants.
   (b)    No Admittance After Park Is Closed.  No person, except Board employees in the performance of their official duties, shall be permitted within the park or any part thereof after the same is closed for the night and prior to its opening the following day.
   (c)    Camping.  No person shall establish or maintain any camp or other temporary lodging or sleeping place within the park without the written consent of the Manager.
   (d)    Intoxicating Beverages; Beer; Wine.  Persons of legal age may have in their possession and may consume within the park intoxicating beverages, wine or beer or other malt beverages in connection with a picnic involving the consumption of food if such picnic
is held at a designated picnic area, and beverages are consumed at such designated picnic
area only, same to be with the written permission of the Manager only.
   (e)    Fishing.
      (1)   Fishing within the park is prohibited except at areas designated for that purpose by the Board.
      (2)    Fishing by the use of hooks left unattended, traps, spears, gigs or bows and arrows is prohibited.  (Ord. 82-9. Passed 6-19-82.)
   (f)    Pets.
      (1)    No person shall bring within the park, or permit, have or keep within the park any dog, cat or other animal destructive to birds or other wildlife, unless they are controlled at all times on a leash not more than six feet long.
      (2)    The owner or person in charge or control of any dog, cat or other animal which defecates upon any lawn, tree, shrub, plant or water within the park shall immediately clean all feces and cause its removal to a proper receptacle.
      (3)    Persons medically requiring the need of a seeing eye dog while relying upon a dog specifically trained for this purpose shall be exempt from compliance with this section. (Ord. 92-11. Passed 7-16-92.)
   (g)    Horses or Horseback Riding.
      (1)    No person shall ride a horse within the park without prior written consent of the Manager.
      (2)    No person shall leave a horse unattended within the park.
   (h)    Swimming.  Swimming within a park is permitted only in areas designed by the Board, and all persons shall abide by the swimming rules and regulations posted by the Manager at any such swimming area.
   (i)    Ice Skating.  No person shall ice skate on any area not specifically designated for ice skating activity and supervised by an employee of the Board.
   (j)    Professional Instruction.  No person other than authorized employees of the Board shall offer professional instruction in recreational activities within the park.
   (k)   Use of Picnic Shelter.  No person shall use a picnic shelter, except by permit.
   (l)    Athletic Fields.  No person shall conduct any type of tournament on any park athletic field without a permit, and upon payment of appropriate fees.
(Ord. 82-9. Passed 6-19-82.)