(a)   All transfers of real property located within the corporate boundaries of the City and consummated after the effective date of the enactment of this section, shall be reported, in writing, to the Director of Finance, by either the closing agent, purchasing agent, closing attorney or any individual responsible for the consummation of a real estate transaction and the disbursement of the proceeds of said transfer, twenty-four hours prior to the date the transaction is scheduled to be closed.  Prior to the closing date, the Director of Finance shall provide to the closing agent an accounting of all outstanding fire protection service fees, and any other City charges which are due and owing for the subject property.  It shall be the responsibility of the closing agent to withhold fees from seller’s proceeds and remit said fees within five business days from the completion closing.
   Said fees and charges shall be remitted to the Division of Finance within twenty-four hours of the closing thereof, provided, that, in the event the transaction is closed on a regular business day after the close of business or on a Friday after the close of business, or on a Saturday or Sunday, or on a legally recognized holiday pursuant to West Virginia Code Article 2-2, as amended, such sale shall be reported to the Division of Finance no later than the close of business on the next regular business day.  The written report shall be made on a form to be prescribed and provided by the Director of the Division of Finance.  The grantor, or a closing agent on behalf of the grantor, shall further pay any and all fire service protection fees and any other City charges which are due and owing the City for services provided to the real property being conveyed, over to the Division of Finance within the time periods set forth in this section for reporting the sale of such property.  Any fees, or charges that remain due and owing after the date of the transfer of the real property shall be the responsibility of the new property owner as said fees and charges shall assess against the real property.
   (b)   The provisions of this section shall apply to all real estate transactions closed on or after February 1, 2010.  (Ord. 10-4.  Passed 1-7-10.)