957.08  PROTESTS.
   Any owner, occupier or lessee of any such building or vehicle aggrieved by a charge or fee for fire protection service may protest the same by giving written notice to the City Clerk setting forth his/her objections on or before thirty-five days after the billing date.  The Clerk shall forward such protest to the Fire Service Appeals Board, which shall set a time for a public hearing within thirty days of the filing of such protest.  The Clerk shall mail a notice of such hearing to the appellant by certified mail, to the address provided by the appellant.  The Appeals Board shall render its decision based on the record made at the hearing within a reasonable time, giving notice in writing of its decision to all parties concerned.  The amount, if any, due the City under such decisions shall be due and payable thirty days after service of the decision on the appellant.  Any person aggrieved by such administrative decision may within thirty days from service of the decision file a petition duly verified with the Circuit Court of Harrison County, requesting review by certiorari; otherwise, such decision becomes final and conclusive.  (Ord. 10-3.  Passed 1-7-10.)