(a)    The City Manager or his duly authorized representative is hereby empowered to make such rules and regulations not in conflict with the provisions of this article relative to the offering and providing of fire protection services as are necessary to protect public property or the safety or health, and no person shall fail to comply with any such rule and regulation so promulgated.
   (b)    The Director of Finance shall administer all sections of this article dealing with financing, billing, collection, etc. and is authorized to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations as are necessary and reasonable to carry out the provisions of all sections of this article dealing with the same.  (Ord. 96-24. Passed 12-19-96.)
   (c)    The City Manager or the Director of Finance, if so designated by the City Manager, is hereby empowered to adjust, settle or cancel any charge or fee required or made under this article or any controversy which may arise in the administration of this article.  However, such exercise of authority by the City Manager or Director of Finance shall be in a uniform manner, and not exercised in a capricious or arbitrary fashion and a written or electronic record shall be kept of any and all such adjustments, settlements or cancellations.
(Ord. 02-15.  Passed 6-6-02.)