(a)   No plumbing shall be installed, altered or changed in any building or structure in the City until a permit has been applied for and granted for such installation, alteration or change.  The application for such permit shall be filed with the Plumbing Inspector and such permit shall be issued by him or her, if found to be legal and proper under this chapter, including the Plumbing Code adopted in Section 1422.01.  After the permit has been issued by the Plumbing Inspector, no change or modification of the plans or specifications therefor shall be made except by approval of the Plumbing Inspector after review of such proposed changes.
(Ord. 309.  Passed 5-20-63.)
   (b)   The fee for such permit shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00).  If a building permit has been obtained under Section 1420.09 and a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee paid therefor, as provided therein, no additional fee shall be required for the plumbing permit.