(a)   No building or structure shall be erected or structurally altered until a building permit is issued by the Zoning Administrator stating that the building or structure and the use of land comply with this Zoning Code and with all building and health laws and ordinances.
   (b)   All applications for building permits shall be accompanied with a plat, in duplicate, drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions of the lot to be built upon, the size of the building or structure to be erected or structurally altered, its location on the lot and such other information as may be necessary to provide for the enforcement of this Zoning Code. A permanent record of such applications shall be kept in the office of such Administrator.
   (c)   No building shall be constructed and no permit shall be issued for any building or premises not served by a sanitary sewer, unless the area of the lot on which the building is to be erected complies with all laws and ordinances relative to septic tanks, as to size of lots, condition of soil, etc.
   (d)   Prior to any building construction and prior to the issuance of a building permit, stakes shall be set and maintained in their proper location on the property during construction.
(Ord. 340.  Passed 12-19-66.)
   (e)   The fee the building permit required herein shall be as set forth in Section 1420.09 (c) of the Building and Housing Code.