This district is intended to provide for and encourage commercial and light manufacturing facilities that are not appropriately located next to residential zoning.
1.   All “Permitted” and “Conditional uses” allowed in the “CL” Zone, with the exception of single- family residences and apartments.
2.   Wholesale establishments.
3.   Manufacturing.
4.   Bottling and packaging companies.
5.   Warehouses, minimum-storage, transfer and storage facilities including the storage of RV's, boats, and other operable vehicles.
6.   The sale and storage of products such as firewood, stone products, and agricultural commodities.
7.   Welding shops.
8.   Underground liquid petroleum retail and wholesale distribution facilities subject to the design requirements of the Arizona State Fire Marshall and the local Fire Marshall having jurisdiction.
9.   Commercial outdoor kennels.
10.   Antennas and wireless communication towers.
11.   Farming and agriculture including, if primarily non-commercial, the keeping of cattle, horses, swine (limited to one (1) per acre), sheep, goats, fowl, but not feed lots, slaughterhouses, fertilizer yards or plants for the reduction of animal matter. A minimum lot size of one (1) acre is required.
12.   Contractors yards, subject to screening as set forth in Subsection 3.16 D. 9.
13.   Campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks with twenty-six (26) or more units.
14.   Customary accessory buildings and structures provided they are incidental to a permitted use. This shall include a single caretaker residence in conjunction within or in the same buildings as a commercial use.
15.   Commercial greenhouses and accessory uses.
The above uses shall not be permitted prior to the issuance of a building permit for the primary commercial building, with the exception of Subsection 3.16 B. 12. contractors yards.
C.   CONDITIONAL USES (Conditional Use Permit Required)
Because no list of uses can be complete, the interpretation of whether a use not specified is consistent with the intent of this zoning district and may be allowed as a conditional use or, where discretion is allowed, a permitted use shall be rendered by the Zoning Administrator with appeal to the Board of Adjustment.
1.   Minimum Lot area:                   7,500 square feet
    All lots less than one (1) acre in size must be served by a water and/or sewage disposal system approved by the Town of Chino Valley.
2.   Minimum lot Width:                   50 feet
3.   Minimum lot frontage:                   50 feet
4.   Minimum Rear and Side yard building setbacks:
   Side yard setbacks that front a street:      See Section 4.28
Exception: commercial subdivisions-During a commercial subdivision plat process, Council may approve lot lines without rear and side yard setback requirements. Each lot line approved in this manner shall be noted so on the final subdivision plat.
5.   Minimum Front Yard Building Setbacks:    See Section 4.28
6.   Minimum Building Size:                None
7.   Maximum Building Height:                50 Feet
8.   Maximum Lot Coverage:                None
Providing the parking and loading, landscaping, buffering and screening, and setback requirements are met.
9.   Outdoor Storage: All outdoor storage shall be screened with a six (6) foot screening fence.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 08-707, passed 10-23-2008; Ord. 10-729, passed 7-22-2010; Ord. 11-738, passed 1-11-2011; Ord. 13-779, passed 12-10-2013; Ord. 16-811, passed 1-26-2016)