(a)    A law enforcement officer upon finding any minor in or upon any public place in the City between the hours set forth in Section 531.02, may make inquiry of the minor and any person with the minor who claims to be a parent or adult authorized to accompany the minor, as to the minor's name, address, destination, origin and purpose or reason in being in or upon such public place. If the officer believes the minor is in violation of the curfew ordinance, a police report will be filed. If the inquiry discloses that one of the exceptions to the curfew law set forth in Section 531.03 is applicable, then the officer, shall forthwith release such minor and, if applicable, the parent or adult with him.
   (b)    If the minor's conduct does not fall within an exception to the curfew law, the officer shall transport the minor to the City Police Station where prompt, reasonable attempts shall be made by police personnel to locate the minor's parent. If the parent is located and responds within a reasonable time to take charge of such minor, the minor shall be released to such parent. If the parent is not located, or fails to take charge of the minor, or if some other responsible adult fails to agree to take responsibility for the child then the minor shall be released to juvenile authorities.
   (c)    Any minor found in violation of this chapter, who has once before been held by the authorities for violation of this chapter shall be reported to the juvenile authorities for proper disposition. (Ord. 28-11. Passed 3-14-11.)