It shall not be unlawful for a minor to be in or upon a public place when any of the following apply:
   (a)    The minor is accompanied by his parent or an adult authorized by the minor's parent to accompany the minor at the time and place and for the purpose involved;
   (b)    The minor is returning home, by a direct and immediate route, from necessary nighttime activities which are hereby defined to include school activity, activity of a religious or other voluntary association, regularly scheduled athletic, cultural or artistic activities or events and bonafide employment engaged in by the minor for gain; or
   (c)    Only to the extent that an emergency or reasonable necessity requires that the minor be in or upon a public place during the proscribed hours.
      (Ord. 70-80. Passed 4-28-80. )
   (d)    When exercising First Amendment rights protected by the United States Constitution, such as the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and the right of assembly. Such minor shall evidence the bona fides of such exercise by first delivering to the Ross County Sheriff's Department or to the Chillicothe Police Department written communication signed by such minor and countersigned if practicable by a parent of such minor with their home address and telephone number, addressed to such Sheriff or Police Chief, specifying when, where and in what matter the minor will be on or in the public place during the hours when the curfew is otherwise applicable to the minor, in the exercise of a First Amendment right specified in such communication.
      (Ord. 60-87. Passed 5-11-87.)