The Revised Ordinances of the City of Chillicothe, Ohio, 1961, also known as the City Code, is the fourth complete codification of ordinances in the history of the City. Previous editions were published in 1899, 1928 and 1949.
   This 1961 Edition of the Revised Ordinances is based upon material contained in the 1949 Code and all ordinances of a general and permanent nature enacted to December 31, 1960. It also contains a list of special ordinances from 1900 to 1961. The preliminary unit contains a comparative section table showing the derivation of all sections of the Code. Most sections of the Code have footnote histories indicating their derivation from the 1949 Code or subsequent ordinances. Sections without histories contain new material enacted by the adopting ordinance as provided in Ohio Revised Code 731.23.
   Prior to 1906 ordinances were unnumbered. On January 1, 1906, Ordinance No. 1, New Series (N.S.), was passed and the series concluded with Ordinance No. 3121-58, passed October 16, 1956. All ordinances enacted since the City Charter became effective on November 14, 1958, are known as the Charter Series (C.S.) beginning with Ordinance C.S. 1-58, passed November 17, 1958. Beginning January 1, 1965, the City again operates under the Ohio statutory form of government and ordinances are now numbered consecutively by year, viz. 1965-1.
   The index, contained in the preliminary unit, refers to section numbers of the Code.
   There are nine component parts or Codes contained in the Revised Ordinances of Chillicothe, Ohio, 1961. The Codes are subdivided into titles, chapters and sections. The numbering system follows the general system used in the Ohio Revised Code in that all Codes, Titles and Chapters are odd numbered so that there are unassigned numbers which are available for future expansion. Within chapters, sections may be added either between existing sections by the addition of a third digit to the right of present numbers or by adding new numbers in sequence. Penalty sections are designated as          . 99.
   The Editors express their appreciation to William W. Stanhope, Director of Law, and C.R. Lukens, City Manager, for their invaluable assistance in the preparation and review of the manuscripts for the Revised Ordinances of the City of Chillicothe, Ohio, 1961, and to Don. E. Fuller, Esq., for his interest and cooperation in maintaining the Code to date.