Municipal Court
171.01   Jurisdiction, powers and duties.
171.02   Search warrants.
171.03   Docket; Chief of Police.
171.04   Warrant required; exception.
171.05   Procedure upon arrests without warrant.   
171.06   Issuance of warrants at request.
171.07   Failure of accused person to appear for trial.
171.08   Continuances on motion of accused.
171.09   Continuances on motion of other than accused.
171.10   Continuances, default in recognizance.
171.11   Judgment of guilty includes judgment for costs.
171.12   Enforcement of penalties and costs.
171.13   Payment of court costs by City.
171.14   Suspension of execution of judgments.
171.15   Appeals.
171.16   Contempt.
171.17   Jury trials.
171.18   Contempt; entry of convictions on docket.
171.19   Street labor in default of fine payment.
Powers and duties; records - see CHTR. Sec. 32
General rights of appeal - see W. Va. Code 8-24-1
Costs for crime victims reparation fund - see W. Va. Code 14-2A-4
Costs for funding law enforcement training academies - see W. Va. Code 30-29-4
Juries - see ADM. Art. 177