No person, other than authorized Municipal employees, shall make any opening or excavation in, or tunnel under, any street, alley, sidewalk or public way of the Municipality without first obtaining the permit required by Section 901.12 (Permit Required) of this regulation.
   (a)   Prior to the issuance  of said permit the applicant shall deposit, with the Authority having jurisdiction, such Bond documents as are required by Section 901.91 (Performance Guarantee) and such fees and deposits as are required by Section 900.18 (Schedule of Fees) of the Street and Sidewalk Area Code.
   (b)   When she purpose of the excavation is the installation of, or connection to, Municipal water lines, storm sewers or sanitary sewers the applicant shall  further pay any and all applicable charges,  fees,  and  deposits  associated  therewith  (see Public Utilities Code Section 920.18 (Schedule of Fees); Chapter 921 (Water Service Charges); Chapter 923 (Sanitary Sewer Charges)).
   (c)   All street work shall be in conformance with the terms and conditions of the approved permit and this regulation. Work shall be in conformance with applicable Municipal specification and regulations. Any deviation from the approved permit requirements shall require the prior written approval of the Authority having jurisdiction.
   (d)   The excavation shall be backfilled, and the street pavement, curbs, tree lawn, sidewalk, all other public improvements, and any damage to private property shall be restored by the applicant, at his expense, in conformance with the applicable Municipal Standard Specifications and subject to the approval of the Municipal inspector.
   (e)   Should the applicant fail to complete all work in accordance with Municipal requirements the Municipality shall cause such completion of work, repairs or corrective actions as are necessary and shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of Section 900.95 (Forfeiture of Guarantees).
      (Ord. 1327.  Passed 5-9-91.)