§ 91.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   (1)   Any violation of the provisions of §§ 91.01 through 91.30 shall be punished by a minimum fine as follows for each violation:
      First violation        $25
      Second violation       $30
      Third violation       $60
      Fourth violation       $250
      (2)   Each day such violation exists shall be considered a separate and distinct offense. 
(Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85)
   (B)   Any violation of the provisions of §§ 91.40 through 91.45 is subject to the following penalties:
      (1)   The owner shall be fined not less than $250 nor more than $750 for any offense;
      (2)   The dog may be required to get spayed, neutered, and/or microchipped within ten days at the owner's expense, if it is not already;
      (3)   The owner may be required to obtain liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least $100,000, that covers death, injury, and property damage caused by the dangerous or vicious dog, and the policy shall contain a provision that the village will be notified by the insurance company of any cancellation, termination or expiration of the policy;
      (4)   The dog may be required to be kept on a six-foot or less non-retractable leash;
      (5)   The dog may be subject to an enclosure, as defined above;
      (6)   The dog may be prohibited from leaving its owner or custodian's property unless for the purposes of obtaining veterinarian or grooming care;
      (7)   The dog may be required to be securely muzzled, under the direct control and supervision of its owner or custodian, and restrained with a non-retractable leash having a tensile strength of 300 pounds and not exceeding three feet in length;
      (8)   The dog may not be allowed on any public property, including sidewalks, unless it is under the supervision and control of an adult 18 years of age or older who is capable of controlling and restraining the dog;
      (9)   The dog may not be allowed on any public property, including sidewalks, unless it is wearing a muzzle which is of a make and proper fit so as to effectively prevent the dog from biting any person or animal, however, the muzzle shall not injure the dog or interfere with the dog's vision or respiration.
   (C)   In addition to the fines and penalties set forth above, for a violation of § 91.42 or § 91.45, it may be ordered that the dog be destroyed.
   (D)   If the owner challenges or appeals a dangerous or vicious dog determination, the owner may be liable for costs including but not limited to reasonable impoundment costs, boarding costs, pet food costs, necessary veterinarian care during the impoundment, and destruction of the dog.
   (E)   The Village Dog Warden, his designee, or any village police officer has the right to impound a dangerous or vicious dog pursuant to the same procedures and fees enumerated in section § 91.21 of this chapter if the owner fails to comply with requirements of any provision or section of this chapter.
(Ord. 850, passed 6-5-95; Am. Ord. 1939, passed 7-16-18)