For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANIMAL.  Any animal, other than man, including but not limited to horses, asses, mules, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, geese, dogs and cats.
   CONFINED.  Restriction of an animal at all times by the owner, or his agent, to an escape-proof building or other enclosure away from other animals and the public.  (Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85)
   CUSTODIAN. Any person who was permissibly undertaking control of the dog and/or any person who grants permission for the dog to be on their property at the time of the alleged infraction.
   DANGEROUS DOG.  Is as defined below:
      (1)   Any individual dog anywhere other than upon the property of the owner or custodian of the dog and unmuzzled, unleashed, or unattended by its owner or custodian that behaves in a manner that a reasonable person would believe poses a serious and unjustified threat of serious physical injury or death to a person or other animal; or
      (2)   A dog that, without justification, bites a person or other animal and causes any injury to the person or other animal.
   DOG.  All members of the family Canidae or canine species.  (Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85)
   DOG BITE. To seize with teeth or jaws so that the person or animal seized has been nipped, gripped, wounded, or pierced and further includes the contact of saliva with any break or abrasion of the skin, clothing, or other articles which are attached or connected to such person or animal victim’s body.
   ENCLOSURE.  A fence or structure of a least six feet in height, forming or causing an enclosure suitable to prevent the entry of young children, and suitable to confine a vicious dog in conjunction with other measures which may be taken by the owner or custodian, such as tethering of a vicious dog within the enclosure.  Such enclosure shall be securely enclosed and locked and designed with secure sides, top and bottom and shall be designed to prevent the animal from escaping from the enclosure.
   IMPOUNDED.  The action of taking an animal into custody of the Village Dog Warden.
   INOCULATION AGAINST RABIES.  The injection of an antirabies vaccine approved by the Department of Agriculture of the state.
(Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85)
   LICENSED VETERINARIAN.  A veterinarian licensed by the State of Illinois engaging in the practice of veterinary medicine.  (Ord. 399, passed
   OWNER.  A person having a right of property in a dog or other animal, or who keeps or harbors a dog or other animal, or who has it in his care, or acts as its custodian, or who knowingly permits a dog or other domestic animal to remain on or about any premise occupied by him.
   POUND.  Any facility approved by the Corporate Authorities for the purpose of enforcing this chapter and used as a shelter for seized, stray, homeless, abandoned, or unwanted dogs or other animals.
(Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85)
   SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. A physical injury that creates a substantial risk of death or that causes death , serious disfigurement, protracted impairment of health, impairment of the function of any bodily organ, or plastic surgery.
   VICIOUS DOG  is defined to mean:
      (1)   Any individual dog that without justification, attacks a person or other animal and causes serious physical injury or death; or
      (2)   Any individual dog which has been found to be a DANGEROUS DOG upon three separate occasions.
   VILLAGE DOG WARDEN. Village of Channahon’s Chief of Police or his/her designee.
(Ord. 850, passed 6-5-95; Am. Ord. 1939, passed 7-16-18)