(A)   Impounding. It shall be the duty of the Village Dog Warden to impound any dog found running at large in the village contrary to the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Notice of impoundment. When any dog is impounded by the Village of Channahon, notice thereof shall be given by mail, or personal service, to the owner or custodian of such licensed dog, if ascertainable, informing such owner or custodian of the date of impounding of his dog, and that if such dog is not redeemed within five days of the notice of such impounding, such dog may be destroyed. A copy of such notice shall be retained for Channahon’s records and shall be prima facie evidence of the delivery of such notice to the owner or custodian of such animal or dog. If the owner or custodian cannot  be ascertained, the Village Dog Warden shall post notice of impoundment at the Police Department and Village Hall in an area where the public can access and view such notice.
   (C)   Redemption fees. For every dog impounded as provided in this chapter, any person desiring to redeem such dog shall pay all reasonable costs for impoundment prior to the dog being released into their custody, including but not limited to payment for the rabies inoculation of the animal or dog, and registration, if applicable, present current proof of a village license, payment for the period the dog was impounded, and payment to the village $10 apprehension charge. These payments shall be in addition to any other penalties which may be invoked under this  chapter.
(Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85; Am. Ord. 1939, passed 7-16-18)