In accordance with Section 10.03 of the City Charter, the Manager shall appoint a Personnel Officer, who shall administer the personnel system of the Municipality. The Personnel Officer shall be an assistant to the Manager and have the following responsibilities:
   (a)   Develop, update and maintain the necessary Personnel Rules and Regulations as required by the merit system of the Municipality according to the provisions of Article XV, Section 10, of the Ohio Constitution;
   (b)   Classify positions within the City service, establish job standards, provide for position reclassification and establish a probationary period for all positions within the City service;
   (c)   Recruit qualified prospects for employment in the City service, conduct competitive examinations and establish and conduct in-service training programs to enhance employee performance and promotion;
   (d)   Develop personnel policies which ensure compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, as amended, and promote the Affirmative Action Program established by the City; and
   (e)   Advise the Manager in all personnel matters and perform other such duties as may be required.
(Ord. 41-76. Passed 8-16-76.)