Return to True Owner:
   (A)   Any articles pledged or sold to a pawnbroker which is subsequently determined by a law enforcement agency to have been stolen shall be transferred to the custody of such agency upon the agency's written request, or, at the direction of the agency, shall be returned by the pawnbroker to the true owner. The true owner shall not be liable to the pawnbroker for any amounts expended by the pawnbroker with respect to an article deemed stolen. The pawnbroker shall not be required to return stolen property to the true owner until:
      1.   He receives written notice from the law enforcement agency authorizing the release of the property to the true owners and specifying the name, address and social security number of the true owner;
      2.   The true owner, in person, requests the return of the property, executes a receipt therefor, and presents proper identification showing his name, address, social security number and signature.
   (B)   Upon the return of stolen property to the true owner, pawnbrokers shall complete such documentation as may be required to effect the transfer of the property including such documents pertaining to the registration of firearms as may be required by local, State or Federal authorities.