4-6-3: RECORDS:
Every pawnbroker shall keep a record of every article pledged with him or sold to him, and this record shall be open to the inspection of any police officer at any time during the hours of business. Such record shall be upon a form as required by the Chief of Police.
Every record shall be executed by the pawnbroker and the pledgor or seller at the time the transaction occurs and the pawnbroker shall compare the signature of pledgor or seller upon his motor vehicle operator's license or authorized State identification card with pledgor or seller's signature upon that record.
Every pawnbroker is required to ascertain title by execution of a form as approved by the City to any article pledged or sold to him. This Section shall apply to all second hand purchases, but shall not apply to articles of new merchandise purchased by the pawnbroker in the ordinary channels of trade.
All pawnbroker reports shall be made in duplicate, one to be retained by the pawnbroker and one copy to be available to the Police Department on a daily basis.