Procedures for Zoning Certificates,
Conditional Use Approval and Zoning Amendments
1246.01   Purpose.
1246.03   Zoning Certificate required.
1246.05   Certificate of Zoning Compliance.
1246.07   Zoning Certificate for single-family dwelling or use accessory thereto.
1246.09   Conditional use pre-application meeting.
1246.11   Submission of application for conditional use.
1246.13   Conditional use application procedures.
1246.15   Review of conditional use application.
1246.17   Public hearing and notice by Planning Commission for conditional uses.
1246.19   Burden of presenting evidence.   
1246.21   Action by Planning Commission on conditional uses.
1246.23   Terms and duration of conditional use approval.
1246.25   Re-application for conditional use approval.
1246.27   Similar uses.
1246.29   Zoning amendment requirements.