138.01   Definitions
   138.02   Trafficking in controlled substances; gift of marihuana
   138.03   Drug possession offenses
   138.04   Possessing drug abuse instruments
   138.05   Permitting drug abuse
   138.06   Deception to obtain dangerous drugs
   138.07   Possessing or using harmful intoxicants
   138.08   Illegally dispensing drug samples
   138.09   Controlled substance or prescription labels
   138.10   Hypodermic possession, display and dispensing
   138.11   Nitrous oxide: improper dispensing or distribution; possession in a motor vehicle
   138.12   Drug paraphernalia
   138.13   Counterfeit controlled substances
   138.14   Unlawful furnishing of prescription to enable persons to be issued handicapped parking placards or license plates
   138.15   Illegal cultivation of marihuana
   138.16   Pseudoephedrine sales
   138.17   Medical marijuana
   138.18   Sale of pure caffeine product
   138.99   Penalty; mandatory fines
Statutory reference:
   Administration of epinephrine, exemption from prosecution, see R.C. § 2925.64
   Controlled substances, regulation of pharmacists and other professionals, see R.C. Chapters 3719 and 4729
   Conviction of professionally licensed persons to be reported to licensing board, see R.C. § 2925.38
   Criminal and civil forfeiture for felony drug abuse offenses, see R.C. §§ 2925.41 et seq.
   Destruction of chemicals used to produce methamphetamine; preservation of samples, see R.C. § 2925.52
   Preparation of drugs for sale, felony offenses, see  R.C. § 2925.07
   Tampering with drugs, felony offense, see R.C. § 2925.24