Access to and Use of Rights-of-Way for Telecommunications Facilities
   90.001   Purpose
   90.002   Conflict
   90.003   Definitions
   90.004   Permit required
   90.005   Permit issuance
   90.006   Construction or engineering permit
   90.007   Conduit or utility poles
   90.008   Route maps
   90.009   Damage; restoration
   90.010   Maintenance fee
   90.011   Modification of existing fees
   90.012   Disposition of funds; annual report
   90.013   Cable television operators
   90.014   Existing rights
   90.015   Compliance with Act
   90.016   Reservation of powers
   90.017   Civil infraction citation; authorized officials
Use of Rights-of-Way; Construction
   90.030   Structures in rights-of-way; permit required
   90.031   Permit application
   90.032   Proof of insurance; indemnification
   90.033   Work; city requirements apply; fees
   90.034   Noncompliance; cease and desist order; appeal
Driveway Culverts
   90.050   Driveway or other obstruction; culvert pipe required; specifications
   90.051   Construction of driveway or other obstruction; permit required; installation
   90.052   Pavement without curbs; pipe installation required
   90.053   Installation by city; costs of installation
Vacation of Public Ways
   90.065   Intent to vacate; notice of hearing
   90.066   Written objections
   90.067   Vacation; recording of resolution
   90.068   Easement and right of use preserved
   90.069   Vacation petition; fee
   90.080   Snow and ice; removal required
   90.081   Sidewalk and crosswalk construction; permit; regulations
Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Installation
   90.095   Installation in highways; minimum requirements
   90.096   Tunneling beneath roads; supplemental requirements
   Appendix A:   Lot Terms
   90.098   Consumption of alcohol on public streets, sidewalks and parking lots; a municipal civil infraction