150.01   Construction to be done in accordance with Uniform Statewide Building Code
   150.02   Permit required
   150.03   Power of inspection
   150.04   Dilapidated or dangerous buildings
   150.05   Removal and repair of buildings and other structures or nuisances
Statutory reference:
   Access to and use of buildings by handicapped, see VA Code, § 2.2-1159 - 2.2-1161
   Buildings, monuments and lands of local governments, see VA Code, §§ 15.2-1638 et seq.
   Dangerous buildings and other structures, see VA Code, § 15.2-906
   Display of numbers on buildings, see VA Code, § 15.2-2024
   Fences around swimming pools, see VA Code, § 15.1-29
   Light, ventilation and sanitation of buildings and premises, see VA Code, § 15.2-1117
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