General Provisions
   70.01   Adoption of state law
   70.02   Powers and duties of Mayor relative to traffic and parking
   70.03   Powers and duties of Mayor relative to stop intersections and yield intersections
   70.04   Fees not allowed town police officer
   70.05   Authority of Fire Department officials to direct traffic
Local Vehicle Licenses
   70.15   Attachment and display of town license plates
   70.16   Purchase of decal sticker; display
   70.17   Issuance of decals; preliminary requirements; rates; license tax
   70.18   For-hire license plates
   70.19   License taxes on owners of certain motor vehicles
   70.30   Soliciting rides or business
   70.31   To obey signs and signals
Charter reference:
   Power of town to regulate traffic and parking, see § 13
Statutory reference:
   Abandoned vehicles, see VA Code, §§ 46.2-1200 et seq.
   General powers of local governments as to motor vehicles, see VA Code, §§ 46.2-1300 et seq.
   Identification of handicapped parking spaces by above-grade signage, see VA Code, § 36-99.11
     Inoperable motor vehicles and the like on residential or commercial property in certain localities, see VA Code, § 15.2-905
   Limited access streets, see VA Code, § 15.2-2026
   Local vehicle license, see VA Code, §§ 46.2-752 et seq.
   Municipal regulation of traffic, see VA Code, § 15.2-2028
   Parking regulations in cities, towns and certain counties, see VA Code, § 46.2-1220
   Removal or immobilization of motor vehicles against which there are outstanding parking violations, see VA Code, § 46.2-1216
   Removal of vehicles involved in accidents, see VA Code, § 46.2-1212