(A)   Intent. This district is composed of certain areas within the municipality where multi-family residential development has occurred or appears desirable to occur. To these ends development is restricted to multi-family residential use and uses which are determined compatible by the Planning Commission with this type of development. Dwellings in this district are required to be on permanent load bearing perimeter walls.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   Conversion of a dwelling to up to four dwelling units;
      (2)   An apartment building of two to 12 dwelling units;
      (3)   Two attached apartment buildings divided by a fire wall;
      (4)   Institutional or public uses;
      (5)   Essential services; and
      (6)   Customary accessory uses to the above.
   (C)   Special land uses. Refer to § 154.09.
      (1)   High density apartments (more than 12 dwelling units);
      (2)   Group dwellings;
      (3)   Low density apartments;
      (4)   Planned unit developments; and
      (5)   Home occupations.
   (D)   Required conditions.
      (1)   Parking: refer to § 154.08.
      (2)   Signs: refer to Chapter 152.
      (3)   Lot width, lot area and yards shall meet or exceed the requirements of § 154.06 and shall meet the provisions in the general provisions §§ 154.29 through 154.58.
      (4)   For purposes of these sections, the floor area of all dwellings or dwelling units in a building shall average 600 square feet per dwelling unit, exclusive of the floor area for commercial hallways, stairs, laundries, utilities or other commercial uses.
      (5)   Lot coverage: refer to § 154.06.
      (6)   Height: refer to § 154.06.
      (7)   Site plan review and approval shall be obtained in accordance with § 154.10 for the following uses:
         (a)   An apartment building of two to 12 dwelling units;
         (b)   Two attached apartment buildings divided by a fire wall;
         (c)   Professional offices, one story only;
         (d)   Institutional or public uses; and
         (e)   All uses which are specified as special land uses in § 154.09.
      (8)   Conformance with smoke detector provisions in § 150.02.
   (E)   Prohibited uses. Any use other than specified in division (B) above is prohibited, unless allowed as a special land use in division (C) above:
      (1)   Garage apartments;
      (2)   Sale of products or equipment on any lot and the use of a dwelling for more than one dwelling unit when located on a lot of less than 50 feet in width; and
      (3)   Storage, parking or use of moving vans, automobile carriers and bus bodies shall not be allowed or considered a legal accessory use in R-2 Districts.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)