(A)   For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      DWELLING.  Any building or portion thereof usable exclusively for residential purposes.
      DWELLING, MULTIPLE-FAMILY.  A building containing three or more dwelling units designed for residential use and conforming in all other respects to the standards set forth in this section.
      DWELLING, SINGLE-FAMILY.  A building containing not more than one dwelling unit designed for residential use, complying with the following standards.
         (a)   It complies with the minimum square footage requirements of this chapter for the zone in which it is located.
         (b)   It has a minimum width across any section of 20 feet and complies in all respects with the BOCA Building Code, including minimum heights for habitable rooms. Where a dwelling is required by law to comply with any federal or state standards or regulations for construction and where the standards of construction are less stringent than those imposed by the BOCA Building Code then and in that event the less stringent federal or state standard or regulations shall apply.
         (c)   It is firmly attached to a permanent foundation, constructed on the site in accordance with the BOCA Building Code and co-extensive with the perimeter of the building, which attachment shall also meet all applicable building codes and other state and federal regulations.
         (d)   It does not have exposed wheels, towing mechanism, undercarriage or chassis.
         (e)   The dwelling is connected to a public sewer and water supply or to the private facilities approved by the local health department.
         (f)   The dwelling contains an area for the storage of seasonal apparel, keepsakes, seldom used appliances and the like, either in a basement located under the dwelling, in an attic area, in closet areas or in a separate structure being of standard construction similar to or of better quality than the principle dwelling.
         (g)   The dwelling is aesthetically compatible in design and appearance with other residences in the vicinity, with either a roof overhang of not less than six inches on all sides, or alternatively with window sills and roof drainage systems concentrating roof drainage along the sides of the dwelling; with not less than two exterior doors, with one being in the front of the dwelling and the other being either at the rear or side of the dwelling; and with permanently attached steps connected to the exterior door areas or to porches connected to the door areas where a difference in elevation requires the same.
            1.   The compatibility of design and appearance shall be determined in the first instance by the City Zoning Administrator upon review of the plans submitted for a particular dwelling, subject to appeal by an aggrieved party to the Zoning Board of Appeals within a period of 15 days from the receipt of notice of the Zoning Administrator’s decision.
            2.   Any determination of compatibility shall be based upon the standards set forth within the definition of DWELLING, as well as the character of residential development outside of mobile home parks within 2,000 feet of the subject dwelling where the area is developed with dwellings to the extent of not less than 20% of the area; or, where the area is not so developed, by the character of residential development outside of mobile home parks throughout the city.
            3.   The foregoing shall not be construed to prohibit innovative design concepts involving such matters as solar energy, view, unique land contour or relief from the common or standard designed home.
         (h)   The dwelling contains no additions or rooms or other areas except those which are constructed with similar materials and which are similar in appearance and which have similar quality of workmanship as the original structure, including the above-described foundation and permanent attachment to the principle structures.
         (i)   The dwelling complies with all pertinent building and fire codes including, in the case of mobile homes, the standards for mobile home construction as contained in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations entitled mobile home construction and safety standards, effective June 15, 1976, as amended.
         (j)   The foregoing standards shall not apply to a mobile home located in a licensed mobile home park except to the extent required by the state or federal law or otherwise specifically required in the ordinance of the city pertaining to the parks.
      DWELLING, TWO-FAMILY.  A building containing not more than two separate dwelling units designed for residential use and conforming in all other respect to the standards set forth in this section.
   (B)   All dwellings are required to have permanent load bearing foundations beneath perimeter walls.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)