(A)   Intent.
      (1)   This district is composed of low and medium density single-family residential areas where medium density development has occurred, or appears likely to occur.
      (2)   The regulations for this section are designed to protect and stabilize the essential characteristics of these areas, and to promote and encourage a suitable and safe environment for family life.
      (3)   Dwellings in this district are required to be on permanent load bearing perimeter walls.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   All uses permitted in the R-1 Zoning District;
      (2)   Private museums;
      (3)   Bed and breakfast;
      (4)   Institutions of philanthropic and charitable nature;
      (5)   Building and uses customarily incident to the above, permitted uses shall include not more than one private garage or community garage which shall provide parking space for not more than three motor vehicles per living unit, not more than one of which may be a commercial vehicle which shall not exceed one and one-half tons capacity, provided the commercial vehicle is owned and operated by a member of the family who resides in the living unit;
      (6)   Off-street parking on a lot or a group of lots when the lots are located in the rear of a business district or adjacent to a business district;
      (7)   Nursing homes and convalescent homes; and
      (8)   Storage of unoccupied, property owner or renter owned, licensed, recreational equipment.
   (C)   Special land uses. Refer to § 154.09.
      (1)   Home appliance repair shops;
      (2)   Two-family dwellings;
      (3)   Boarding, rooming and lodging houses; and
      (4)   Uses listed as special uses in § 154.09(C).
   (D)   Required conditions.
      (1)   Parking: refer to § 154.08.
      (2)   Lot width, lot area and yards shall meet or exceed the requirements in § 154.06 and shall meet the provisions in the general provisions §§ 154.29 through 154.58.
      (3)   The floor area of all dwellings shall meet or exceed the requirements of § 154.06.
      (4)   Lot coverage: refer to § 154.06.
      (5)   Height: refer to § 154.06.
      (6)   Site plan review and approval shall be obtained in accordance with § 154.10 for the following uses:
         (a)   Institutional and public uses;
         (b)   Home appliance repair shop; and
         (c)   Uses listed as special uses in § 154.09(C).
      (7)   Conformance with smoke detector provisions in § 150.02.
   (E)   Prohibited uses. Any use other than specified in divisions (B) and (C) above. The following uses are expressly prohibited:
      (1)   Motels;
      (2)   Garage apartments; and
      (3)   Storage, parking or use of moving vans, automobile carriers and bus bodies shall not be allowed or considered a legal accessory use in R-2 Districts.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)