(A)   Intent. This district is established to create and preserve single-family neighborhoods free from other uses except those which are both compatible with and convenient to the residents of such a district. These districts will be developed as lower density single-family neighborhoods. Dwellings in this district are required to be on permanent load bearing perimeter walls.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   One single-family dwelling on each lot;
      (2)   Farming or horticulture;
      (3)   Institutional or public uses;
      (4)   Essential services; and
      (5)   Customary accessory uses to above.
   (C)   Special land uses. Home occupations as provided in § 154.09(C), a subject to the further limitation of a maximum of 25% of one floor devoted to the use and no use of accessory buildings.
   (D)   Required conditions.
      (1)   Parking: refer to § 154.08.
      (2)   Signs: refer to Chapter 152.
      (3)   Lot width, lot area and yard shall meet or exceed the requirement in § 154.06 and shall meet the provisions in the general provisions §§ 154.29 through 154.58.
      (4)   The floor area of all dwellings shall meet or exceed the requirements of § 154.06.
      (5)   Lot coverage: refer to § 154.06.
      (6)   Height: refer to § 154.06.
      (7)   Site plan review and approval shall be obtained in accordance with § 154.10 for the following uses: institutional and public uses.
      (8)   Conformance with smoke detector provisions in § 150.02.
   (E)   Prohibited uses. Any use other than specified in divisions (B) and (C) above. The following uses are expressly prohibited:
      (1)   Motels;
      (2)   Garage apartments. (This does not prohibit living space above an attached garage to be inhabited by owner);
      (3)   Rooming houses; and
      (4)   Livestock or fowl raising.
(Ord. 161, passed 12-10-2001)