The inspection fee for any such inspection made at the request of any buyer, seller, real estate broker or any of their agents shall be at the following rate schedule, payable in advance by the real estate owner at the time of the request:
   A.   Condominium units and single-family units: One hundred dollars ($100.00).
   B.   Two-family or three-family dwelling unit buildings: One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
   C.   Buildings with four (4) or more dwelling units: Two hundred twenty five dollars ($225.00).
   D.   Commercial and industrial buildings: Eleven cents ($0.11) per square foot with a three hundred fifty dollar ($350.00) minimum.
After the real estate owner pays the fees specified in this section, the village shall provide an initial inspection and, after the real estate owner corrects any violation, a subsequent reinspection of the real estate. The initial inspection report shall be valid for a period of thirty (30) days. For any additional reinspection(s) required beyond the initial and reinspection, an additional fee consistent with the above referenced fees shall be charged per reinspection.
In the event that a temporary certificate of compliance is issued under section 13-1-5 of this chapter, the village shall, upon issuance of the certificate of compliance, retain an administrative fee of one hundred seventy five dollars ($175.00) in addition to any costs and fees for the establishment and maintenance of an escrow account, if applicable. The administrative fee shall be deducted from the amount placed in escrow with the village as defined in section 13-1-5 of this chapter.
In the event that a real estate owner wishes to have an inspection of their property expedited, then an additional fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be assessed in addition to the above referenced fees. (Ord. 09-43, 9-21-2009)