A.   Construction Fees: The fee to be charged for a permit to erect and construct, alter or repair any wall, structure, building or part thereof, where such permit is required by the provisions of this chapter or the ordinances of the village shall be as follows:
Estimated Construction Cost
Permit Fee
Under $1,000.00
$1,000.00 and over
$25.00 plus $20.00 per thousand of estimated cost based upon requested documentation
   B.   Elevator Inspections: The village board of trustees may enter into contracts with private inspectors to conduct the annual inspections for any elevator, manlift, dumbwaiter, and/or escalators in accordance with the applicable provisions of the laws of the state of Illinois and the United States. The owner of any building inspected shall pay the fees charged by the inspector for such inspections.
   C.   Electrical Permit Fees: The permit fees for the issuance of electrical installation permits shall be governed by the 2008 national electric code NFPA 70 2 , with a minimum fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00).
   D.   Plumbing:
      1.   Permit Fees: Pursuant to the 2006 municipal code of Chicago for plumbing, the building commissioner or plumbing inspector shall issue a permit upon application in all cases where the proposed installation or alteration as described in such application is found to be in conformity with this title, and upon the payment by the applicant of a fee of fifty five dollars ($55.00) for the installation or alteration of one to five (5) fixtures (including in addition to standard fixtures all floor drains, sump pumps and water heaters). The applicant must pay an additional fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per additional fixture installed or altered within the same building.
      2.   Plumbers Certification, Bond: All plumbers who do any work in this village shall be certified by the Illinois department of public health pursuant to the Illinois plumbing code and shall be bonded in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). No permit for plumbing installations shall be issued unless there is compliance with this subsection.
   E.   Street Opening Bond 1 , Deposit: The bond required by subsection 9-4-3C of this title shall be in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or, in the alternative, the sum of seven hundred dollars ($700.00) cash may be deposited with the village to be refunded in full upon notification of satisfactory completion of the work.
   F.   Tank Burial, Permit And Fee: No tank used for the storage of gas, oil, solvent or other such material shall be buried underground without first receiving the approval of the fire marshal, and thereafter applying for a permit from the building commissioner. Said permit application shall be accompanied by drawings showing the proposed location of the underground tanks and by a minimum permit fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00) per tank.
   G.   Wrecking Permits, Fee: No building within the village may be wrecked without first applying for a wrecking permit from the building commissioner. Said permit shall be accompanied by a fee according to the following schedule:
For any residential, garage and auxiliary buildings or structure
$25.00 per building
For any commercial or industrial building or structure per estimated cost of demolition:
Estimated Cost Of Demolition
Permit Fee
   Under $1,000.00
   $1,000.00 and over
$10.00 plus $20.00 per thousand
   H.   Fences: For estimated construction cost under one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), there shall be a twenty five dollar ($25.00) fee. For estimated construction cost over one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) there shall be a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) plus twenty dollars ($20.00) per thousand or part thereof of estimated cost.
   I.   Sign Permit Fees:
      1.   Bench Signs: Annual fee per bench: Fifty dollars ($50.00).
      2.   Billboard Signs: Annual license fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). Permit to be determined by the requisite electrical permit fee and by a fee of two dollars fifty cents ($2.50) per square foot for each side or face of the sign.
      3.   Change Of Copy: Change of copy of sign face only will be treated as a nonilluminated sign for the fee. Each face is a separate sign.
   J. Satellite Antenna: For each installation costing up to three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00), and an additional ten dollars ($10.00) per one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or part thereof exceeding three thousand dollars ($3,000.00).
Any contractor, repairman or workman who begins work without securing the necessary permit as provided for in this chapter, shall pay as a fine the required building permit fee, plus a surcharge of one hundred percent (100%) of the fee for failure to obtain the necessary permit. (Ord. 09-34, 8-3-2009)



2. See chapter 3 of this title.
1. See subsection 8-5-5B of this code.