A.   Definitions:
    ENTERTAINMENT: Includes, but is not limited to, shows, amusements, theaters, circuses, sporting events, or any other place of public or private entertainment or amusement, unless ancillary to the purpose of the program or event.
   PUBLIC BUSINESS: Means expenses incurred in the performance of a public purpose which is required or useful for the benefit of the Village to carry out the responsibilities of Village business.
   TRAVEL: Means any expenditure directly incident to official travel by employees and officers of the Village or by wards or charges of the Village involving reimbursement to travelers or direct payment to private agencies providing transportation or related services.
   B.   Maximum Allowable Reimbursement For Expenses: The maximum allowable reimbursement for an employee or officer of the Village shall be those rates set by the Federal Travel Regulation and maintained by the United States General Services Administration for travel per diem, meals, and incidental expenses in effect at the time the expenses was incurred. Alcohol is specifically excluded from reimbursement.
   C.   Documentation Of Expenses: No reimbursement of travel, meal or lodging expenses incurred by a Village employee or officer shall be authorized unless the "Travel, Meal, and Lodging Expense Reimbursement Request Form", as exhibit A on file in the Village, has been submitted and approved. All documents and information submitted with the form shall be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1 .
   D.   Reimbursement And Emergency Expenses: Expenses for travel, meals, and lodging of: 1) any officer or employee that exceeds the maximum reimbursement allowed under the regulations adopted under subsection B of this section or 2) any member of the Corporate Authorities of the Village may only be approved by roll call vote at an open meeting of the Corporate Authorities of the Village. However, in the event of an emergency or other extraordinary circumstance, the Corporate Authorities may approve more than the maximum allowable expenses set forth above.
   E.   Entertainment Expenses: The Village shall not reimburse any elected official, employee, or officer for any activities which would be considered entertainment. Activities which would otherwise be considered entertainment, but which are excluded from the prohibition on reimbursement due to being ancillary to the purpose of the program or event, may be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of this section or other Village policies, regulations, or procedures.
   F.   Reimbursement Of Employment Related Expenses:
      1.   The Village shall reimburse any employee for all necessary expenditures or losses incurred by the employee within the employee's scope of employment and directly related to services performed for the employer. As used in this subsection, "necessary expenditures" means all reasonable expenditures or losses required of the employee in the discharge of employment duties and that inure to the primary benefit of the employer. The Village is not responsible for losses due to an employee's own negligence, losses due to normal wear, or losses due to theft unless the theft was a result of the Village's negligence. An employee shall submit any necessary expenditure with appropriate supporting documentation within thirty (30) calendar days after incurring the expense, except that the Village may provide additional time for submitting requests for reimbursement in a written expense reimbursement policy. Where supporting documentation is nonexistent, missing, or lost, the employee shall submit a signed statement regarding any such receipts.
      2.   An employee is not entitled to reimbursement under this section if (i) the Village has an established written expense reimbursement policy and (ii) the employee failed to comply with the written expense reimbursement policy. The Village is not liable under this section unless the Village authorized or required the employee to incur the necessary expenditure or the Village failed to comply with its own written expense reimbursement policy. If the written expense reimbursement policy of the Village establishes specifications or guidelines for necessary expenditures, the Village is not liable under this section for the portion of the expenditure amount that exceeds the specifications or guidelines of the policy so long as the Village does not institute a policy that provides for no reimbursement or de minimis reimbursement. The Village may adopt or amend an expense reimbursement policy consistent with this section without further action needed by the Corporate Authorities of the Village.
      3.   To ensure consistency with federal law, any rules adopted by the Village and interpretation of this section shall be consistent and not in conflict with federal regulations and guidelines regarding employer requirements for reimbursement of employee expenses. (Ord. 2018-09, 4-16-2018; amd. Ord. 2019-18, 6-17-2019)



1. 5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.