5-1-11-1: RESCUE TRUCKS:
   A.   Transport To Specific Locations: The rescue trucks of the fire department shall be used to transport persons in emergency situations to the following hospitals and clinics only:
      1.   Any hospital or clinic within the village of Broadview.
      2.   Loyola - Foster G. McGaw hospital, Maywood, IL.
      3.   Hines hospital, Hines, IL.
      4.   Westlake hospital, Melrose Park, IL.
      5.   Oak Park hospital, Oak Park, IL.
      6.   Gottlieb hospital, Melrose Park, IL.
      7.   Riveredge hospital, Forest Park, IL.
      8.   John J. Madden clinic, Maywood, IL.
      9.   LaGrange community hospital, LaGrange, IL.
      10.   MacNeal hospital, Berwyn, IL.
      11.   Elmhurst hospital, Elmhurst, IL.
      12.   Hinsdale hospital, Hinsdale, IL.
Deviation from the above is allowed only when operating on a mutual aid call 1 . (Ord. 2001-09, 4-16-2001)
   B.   Calls Answered: Rescue squad 213 and/or rescue squad 218 will answer all the following calls:
      1.   Persons trapped, caught, etc., which would require the tools that are carried on the rescue squads to remove or free them.
      2.   Persons who have been injured and require immediate first- aid treatment or hospitalization.
      3.   Persons injured in an accident who require medical examination to determine if serious injury exists.
      4.   Automotive accidents.
      5.   Pedestrian accidents.
      6.   Train accidents.
      7.   Airplane accidents.
      8.   Childbirth.
      9.   Persons with fractures.
      10.   Victims of poisoning.
      11.   Victims of electrical shock.
      12.   Drowning.
      13.   Cave-ins where victim is trapped.
      14.   Industrial accidents.
      15.   Victims having difficulty breathing.
      16.   Cardiac victims.
      17.   All fire calls.
   C.   Authority Of Officer In Charge: When the service of rescue squad 213 and/or rescue squad 218 is called for, the officer of the rescue squad shall be in charge of the emergency and will be responsible for all orders given and action taken. When the situation demands that the police at the time of emergency lend assistance, they shall follow the orders of the officer in charge of the rescue squad. The authority of the Fire Department officer extends only to the well being of the injured and not to the administrative police matters in connection with the emergency calls not involving fire.
   D.   Provisions Applicable To Both Fire And Police Departments 1 : This section shall be written into the rules and regulations of the Fire and Police Departments in its entirety.
   E.   Penalty: Any members of the Fire Department or the Police Department violating any of the provisions of this section shall be subject to disciplinary action by either the Chief of the various departments or by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners by order of the Village Board of Trustees. (1987 Code)



1. See chapter 4 of this title.
1. See title 6, chapter 1 of this Code.