As a prerequisite to the issuance of the license and in addition to the fees set forth in this title, the following enumerated businesses, trades and occupations shall submit to the village a copy of their certificate of liability insurance, and shall also post a bond with the village in the amount set out beside their names with sureties to be approved by the president:
Building wreckers   $25,000.00
Catch basin and sewer cleaners (see section 4-5-5
of this code)   20,000.00
Electrical contractors (see chapter 10 of this title)   10,000.00
Excavators (see section 8-2-5 of this code)   10,000.00
House movers (see chapter 12 of this title)   25,000.00
Masonry contractors   10,000.00
Plumbing contractors   10,000.00
Scavengers   5,000.00
Sign contractors (see section 9-8-5 of this code)   25,000.00
(Ord. 2003-02, 3-3-2003)