City Council Members of this city shall take office and commence their duties on the first regular meeting in December following their election.  The newly elected Council Members who have qualified as prescribed by law, together with the members of the City Council holding over, shall assemble in a regular meeting at the hour and place hereinafter prescribed and perfect the reorganization of the City Council as herein provided, and all appointive offices in which the terms of incumbents are expired shall be filled by appointment.  After the meeting has been called to order, the City Clerk/Treasurer shall report to the City Council the names of all City Council Members-elect who have qualified for their respective offices, and this report shall be spread upon the minutes of the meeting preceding the roll call. 
(Neb. RS 17-104 and 19-613)  (1973 Code, § 1-104)  (Ord. 454, passed 12-1-1977; Ord. 792, passed 8-6-2009)