§ 2.04.010  OFFICE CREATED.
   A.   The office of the City Manager is created and established. The City Manager shall be appointed by the City Council wholly on the basis of administrative and executive ability and qualifications and shall hold office for and during the pleasure of the City Council.
   B.   Manager’s term of employment. No new, modified or extended City Manager employment/ services agreement shall be for a term of more than three (3) years with options to extend exercisable at the discretion of council majority. Effective November 6, 2012, this provision shall be incorporated within any modification or renewal of any existing City Manager agreement or incorporated into any new agreement. Any termination of the City Manager prior to expiration of any three (3) year term shall be subject to Brea Municipal Code §§ 2.04.050(C) and 2.04.080.
('61 Code, § 2.40)  (Ord. 427, passed  - - ; Am. Initiative Measure T, passed 11-6-12)