The City Manager shall be the Personnel Officer. The City Manager may delegate any of the powers and duties conferred upon him or her as Personnel Officer under this chapter to any other officer or employee of the city or may recommend that such powers and duties be performed under contract as provided in § 2.08.090. The Personnel Officer shall:
   A.   Administer all the provisions of this chapter and of the personnel rules not specifically reserved to the City Council.
   B.   Prepare and recommend to the City Council personnel rules and regulations and amendments thereto.
   C.   Administer the position classification plan, including amendments and revisions to the plan. Any revisions and/or amendments to the position classification plan which effect a change to the compensation plan shall be subject to approval by the City Council pursuant to paragraph D. below.
   D.   Prepare and administer the compensation plan, and revisions thereof. The plan, and any revisions thereof, shall be subject to approval of the City Council.
   E.   Provide for the publishing or posting of test notices, the receiving of applications therefor, the conducting and grading of tests and the certification of lists of all persons eligible for appointment to the appropriate positions in the classified service.
   F.   In December of each year the Personnel Officer shall obtain the median household income (in inflation adjusted dollars) for Brea as published and updated by the U.S. Census Bureau (or other successor organization which offers very similar data that is published via the internet that is of equal or higher quality). Effective November 6, 2012, with the exception of fire, police, and other emergency public safety personnel, no personnel officer shall present to council for authorization or approval a pay schedule for a city manager, city administrative official, department director and hourly contract labor, an annual salary excluding benefits (or a combined hourly rate with overtime excluding benefits when annualized) that exceeds 2.0 times the most current estimate of median household income. Further no benefits package shall exceed 0.5 times the most current estimate of median household income. In the alternative total staff compensation (salary and benefits) shall be limited to 2.5 times the median income. Any modification to salary or benefit schedules shall be effective and implemented immediately prior to the effective date of modification or renewal of any existing agreement and prior to any new agreement. Benefits shall include, but are not limited to: car, gas, life insurance, gym membership, country club membership, health/medical insurance, housing incentives and any other personal benefits. However, benefits shall not include any mandated state or federal employer contributions or expenses. No staff member shall be compensated for travel time to any destination outside the country or "work" time that originates outside the United States unless the trip and compensation are approved during open council with the requirement that a staff report which clearly documents the value received by the City shall be presented at an open City Council Meeting.
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