General Provisions
   76.01   Prohibition against parking on highways
   76.02   Condition when motor vehicle left unattended
   76.03   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   76.04   Parking prohibitions
   76.05   Parking near curb; privileges for disabled persons
   76.06   Commercial vehicles exception
   76.07   Night parking of commercial vehicles in residential districts
   76.08   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions
   76.09   Selling or repairing vehicle on roadway
   76.10   Parking more than 24 hours
   76.11   No parking during restricted hours
   76.12   Failure to pay parking tickets
   76.13   Copy of registration; proof of ownership
   76.14   Penalty and waiver
   76.15   Unlawful parking
   76.16   Parking upon sidewalks, street lawns, or curbs
   76.17   Parking prohibitions on private property; private tow-away zones
Parking Meters
   76.20   Parking meter zones
   76.21   Designation of spaces; parking within space limits
   76.22   Installation of meters; meter signals
   76.23   Operation of meters, coin deposit, and time mechanism
   76.24   Parking time limits
   76.25   Days and hours of operation
   76.26   Collections by two individuals required
   76.27   Establishment and use of funds
   76.28   Prohibitions
   76.29   Enforcement
   76.30   Payment of fines
   76.31   Failure to pay parking tickets
   76.99   Penalty